Misool Foundation + Misool: a powerful partnership between private enterprise, a registered charity, and the local community.  

key partners

Misool:  Misool Foundation was established by private island resort Misool in 2011.  The resort remains Misool Foundation's most critical partner, supporting Misool Foundation in the following ways:

  • 50 USD donation for each guest visiting the resort

  • providing sustainable employment to over 120 people, significantly reducing fishing pressure

  • thought leadership and strategic planning

  • administrative, logistic, and legal assistance

  • media and outreach expertise

Learn more about the unique partnership between Misool resort and Misool Foundation’s in this short film from The Economist World Ocean Initiative, in partnership with Blancpain.  

Misool's guests: simply by visiting Misool, guests support a multitude of critical programs.  They help prove that responsible tourism can be a powerful conservation tool, providing sustainable employment opportunities for coastal communities, entirely decoupled from the extraction of marine resources.  

Misool's guests are strong supporters of the Foundation's activities, and leave the resort as enthusiastic ambassadors of the mission.   

We encourage guests to match the 50 USD donation Misool has made on their behalf.  

Misool's shareholders:  Misool is owned and operated by a passionate group of divers, conservationists, eco-geeks, and dreamers.  This group's steadfast support of Misool Foundation and our shared mission has allowed us to achieve incredible conservation results.

Misool's local hosts: the coastal villages of South East Misool have welcomed Misool Foundation and been steadfast supporters of grassroots conservation work and direct action.  

International NGOs: Misool Foundation is supported by a number of international NGOs and organizations, including:

Guardians of Misool: Misool Foundation is supported these fine operators who visit our Misool Marine Reserve, including: 

Corporate Organisations: Misool Foundation thanks the following businesses for their ongoing support.

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